Losing "Yourself" In God?

"Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established."Proverbs 16:3

I had a very clear picture of how I wanted my life to go...BUT GOD!

      No, all jokes aside the path that God has forged for me is so different than the path I imagined for myself. Each step of the way God has let me know that His way is the best way, and I have, often grudgingly, gone along. There were many times that I questioned God, heck probably everyday.

     Like, seriously, God how does this make sense? or have questioned the results of some Godly action. Like, God, okay, I've paid my tithes, but I"m still broke! 

      But I can also testify that although I've questioned God one thing I've always tried to do was Obey him. It's like the story of the two sons. One that said "No way dad, not gonna do it!" and the other that said "Okay, pop, you got it! I'll do it!" But it was the son who said he wasn't going to do it, that actually did it, and the son that said he''d do it, was no where to be found! Obedience is God's biggest challenge and is the thing that brings about the biggest rewards. I've reaped God's rewards time and time again. I've also reaped the reward or consequence of not following His directive, including those in His Word, the way He speaks to us the most, and let me tell you, regret is not a fun thing to experience. Matthew 21:28-32

So I said all that to say, let God lead you, commit your works onto the Lord. And those wishes and dreams that you have, He'll lead you to them, and they'll be better than you could every imagine!

Lola Mitchell



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