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I Need A Rest...

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." -  Matthew 11:28       Sometimes I don't want any heavy burdens. I'll take the light burdens please with a side of fries; supersize it too please! Thank you! Now, all jokes aside I don't think any of us are signing up for the heavy burdens...I'm mean, why would we? But the truth of the matter is most of us are standing in the long line for heavy rewards. We want everything on our list, like a kid with Santa, but want none of the work. Thanks, but no thanks. But that's not how life works...ever. Sure, some people have things we desire, but the truth is, there are also people who are praying for what you have. Things and possessions are not filling, and they sure don't last forever.        God's offering us forever. Forever with Him. In a place where there are streets made of gold and no more pain. Unfortunately, we have to get through life first. Life is hard, an

Losing "Yourself" In God?

"Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established." -  Proverbs 16:3 I had a very clear picture of how I wanted my life to go...BUT GOD!       No, all jokes aside the path that God has forged for me is so different than the path I imagined for myself. Each step of the way God has let me know that His way is the best way, and I have, often grudgingly, gone along. There were many times that I questioned God, heck probably everyday.      Like, seriously, God how does this make sense?  or have questioned the results of some Godly  action. Like, God, okay, I've paid my tithes, but I"m still broke!        But I can also testify that although I've questioned God one thing I've always tried to do was Obey him. It's like the story of the two sons. One that said "No way dad, not gonna do it!" and the other that said "Okay, pop, you got it! I'll do it!" But it was the son who said he wasn't going to do it, t

Great Book for Married Folk!

This is a detailed video, so bare with my long-windedness!

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