How Christlike Are You Really? Inspirational Devotion

Inspirational Devotion

Scriptures: Matthew 9: 11-13, John 13: 34-35, Matthew 25: 31-46, Hebrew 2: 1-18

I was recently reading Hebrews chapter 2 and I was struck once again by all that Christ has done, and continues to do, for us as human beings. Christ is God the Son- that is the role He chooses to play. But another role that He played was the sacrificial lamb. A 100% human and 100% God hybrid that was tempted like us, but understood completely who and what God the Father is and was, and therefore acted accordingly.

Here’s the truth that I realized: If what you are doing by most is considered hatred, in bad taste, or lacking love then you’re not perpetuating the message of God. Christ got into many arguments with teachers of the law, and even got angry with situations or people that negatively demonstrated what God would want, but no one would ever argue, even in other religions that Christ was not a “good” man.

He spread love within his message everywhere he went. He was persecuted for His love and message, but it wasn’t because He was harming people, on the contrary, many people felt He was too open and forgiving to people who they felt were unfit. Today we live in a society where we only often sympathize with those we consider to be the same as us. We don’t often go out of our way to see things from an alternative perspective.

After my reading of Hebrews 2, I truly gained an understanding that continuing Christ’s work on earth, which includes acting in the same self-less and loving way that He did, was one of Christ greatest messages that He wanted us to understand.  Our servitude kindness and love towards others is our litmus test as Christians, and in all honesty is something I actively have to now force myself to practice. I hope you will join me!

Sample Prayer: I thank you Lord God for redeeming me, and for being the ultimate example of love. Lord please teach me to love everyone, and show it in my words and deeds daily! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Putting it into practice:
 One behavior that I now try to put into practice, is taking a moment to think before I speak or follow an impulse. I try to imagine what Christ would do in a certain situation. I also ask questions more instead of jumping to state my own opinion.

Author Biography: Yetunde Mitchell is a recently married graduate of Purdue University-Calumet, with her degree in Secondary English Education. When she moved from the windy city of Chicago to Sunny California she took the opportunity to follow one of her other purposes in life, sharing her testimony, while encouraging women to seize the life that God has planned for them. Her first book is called Lola’s Prayer Cocktail, and can be found on Amazon. You can also find her at

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