Inspirational Devotion: Today's Verse 5: "Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies." - Psalms 27:11

Inspirational Devotion:

Learning about God is not as simple as just reading your Bible. You should read you Bible to acquire the knowledge of God's word, but in order to grasp the true meaning of the scriptures we have to ask God to reveal it to us.Knowing and understanding "the spirit" behind a scripture, as in what God really means, takes the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Asking God to give you understanding of how a particular scripture is important, and impacts you, is the step past simply reading, to living the scripture. When a person lives the scripture their path is made plain, and when you walk upon the right path God will help you avoid obstacles that enemies (people with bad spirits and intentions) will want to put in your path. So make sure to ask God to teach you His way, as I do the same!

Peace and Love,

Yetunde Mitchell

Inspirational Devotion


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