Inspirational Devotion Today's Verse 2: "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be."- Revelation 22:12

Inspirational Devotion

Anytime you're in the service industry you're often unappreciated, as an educator I know the feeling first hand. It's no different for Christians who are out there everyday trying to do God's will, by helping others and showing God's presence in their lives, through their charitable works.The concept of helping others and giving back though, has not been synonymous with the term "Christian" these days. Instead it seems there's an overwhelming thought that calling yourself a Christian and having Christian viewpoints makes you a hypocrite.

People are entitled to believe what they want, but I do think that those who call themselves Christian need to start truly practicing the Word that they claim to believe in. And one of the most important concepts to follow, is supporting the needs of the people no-matter their religious beliefs, or demographic breakdown. After all, at some point, if you truly believe the Bible, there will be an accounting for what you have done. Although, it's definitely a struggle to think about others outside of our friends and family, trust me I know, it is necessary to give back in every way that you can. So consider deeply your contribution to society and boost it up a notch! (And while you're doing it try to be joyful about it!) Happy Serving! God Bless~

Inspirational Devotion

Yetunde Mitchell


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