Get Your Copy of Lola's Prayer Cocktail Today!

It's finally here! 

Lola's Prayer Cocktail- Donations only for a limited time

LPC  is available as a gift in return for a $5, $10, or $20 donation to the Purposeful Changes Foundation. Instead of just asking you to buy the book we wanted to make sure you knew your funds were going to a good cause. The purpose of Y. L. Mitchell's ministry is simply to reach and help people, not for financial success. LPC will eventually be sold on Amazon and in bookstores at its regular price of $7.99, but the importance of building the ministry, in the beginning, takes precedence over getting the book in stores. Having books in stores when you're a small publication (including Amazon), takes a large percentage away from the proceeds, which unfortunately stunts the growth of the ministry. To find out where our donations/funds go click here!

Donate $5*
Donate $10*
Donate $20*
*Please note a $3.99 shipping charge is added (If you wish to ship internationally please contact first-thank you!)


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